Fresher fish, longer shelf life.

XyRex© U500 controls the rapid increase of bacteria counts found in the fish belly-cavity immediately after capture and slaughter. By controlling the bacterial levels, the quality, freshness, shelf life and therefore the prices of the catch are improved.

XyRex© U500 is formulated for application in the fish handling water during the initial fish preparation and gutting treatment prior to fish icing.

XyRex© U500 is specifically formulated for application through a dosing unit linked to the flow rate of deck pump or water system feeding the gutting station in order to control the concentration. It is a highly concentrated product and is normally dosed to the water at the rate of 4000:1.

The presence of XyRex© U500 also acts as a background sanitiser to control the growth of degrading bacteria and reduce malodours in any areas where fish or fish products are being stored, washed, treated or processed. It will also assist in keeping bacterial levels down to an acceptable level and help to reduce the use of other more harmful and hazardous cleaning chemicals.

A key advantage is that no residues are left on the fish treated with XyRex© U500. XyRex© U500 will assist in maintaining a most suitable and hygienic environment for the treatment, storage, shelf life and handling of fish and help provide a higher quality product.



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