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Established in 1993 and based in the North east of Scotland, I & K Supplies Ltd prides itself on being a local, reliable and quality supplier of hygiene chemical, janitorial and industrial supplies.

We provide our services to the local food processing, fishing, manufacturing, engineering and agricultural sectors.​​
Our experience and knowledge ensures our customers needs are fully understood and catered for. ​
I & K Supplies are the Holchem hygiene product agent & distributer for the North east of Scotland. The partnership provides valuable technical advice, support and products to suit every aspect of the Food industry from Detergents, Disinfectants to Janitorial supplies. ​
As the sole Distributer in Scotland for Xyrex Sulphite free products we provide their various products for the Crustacean processing sector as well as the control of bacteria in water and holding tanks. ​


I & K Supplies was founded in 1993 by Frank Killoh and Robert Irvine. Frank had spent the previous 15 years as a Fisherman but after an unfortunate accident he was unable to continue in the role. Frank and Robert were work colleagues at the Fishing and discussed how the local area needed a company to supply quality products to the industry, I & K Supplies was born.

Over the next 25 years Frank, through his extensive knowledge and dedication grew the business and expanded the services to the food processing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial and agricultural sectors.
Mr. Irvine retired in 2018 where Frank’s son-in-law Stephen Flett stepped into the role making it a family business.
Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge from his 27 years in the Oil & Gas sector.


To Provide a friendly, Professional, local and reliable service to the North East of Scotland. We believe in providing best advice for our customers as well as giving excellent value for money.

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