Fresher, better quality fish.

XyRex© Ice-Active enhances the preservation properties of ice by slowing down bacterial growth, resulting in better quality and higher priced fish.

Ice slows the increase in bacteria growth by controlling the temperature. XyRex© Ice-Active complements the cooling properties of ice by killing the bacteria that do live and grow on fish, ensuring that the bacterial level is low right at the start of the storage process of fish. Better performing ice means better fish quality, which in turn means better prices.

Fish contain millions of bacteria that rapidly grow on the fish after they are caught. The bacteria quickly spoil the fish reducing their ultimate value, and this is why storing fish in ice treated with XyRex© Ice-Active delivers real quality improvements.

XyRex© Ice-Active leaves no residues on the products, therefore there are no requirements to wash or rinse the products after treatment. The unique formula of XyRex© Ice-Active enables the slow release of its active ingredients as the ice melts, ensuring that its effects are not just restricted to the initial contact period.

XyRex© Ice-Active is added to the water used to make the ice. This is a fully automated system using a dosing pump that adds a controlled amount of XyRex© Ice-Active per hour. The pump is wired to the ice machine control panel so that whenever the ice machine is switched on to make ice, the dosing pump will dose XyRex© Ice-Active at the set rate. The pump is set to dose at 1 Litre of XyRex© Ice-active. This would be added to make 1000kg of ice. That is a dilution rate of 1000:1.

XyRex© Ice-Active is best used in conjunction with XyRex© U500. XyRex© U500 is designed to kill the background bacteria in the handling and storage equipment and the bugs that come from the fish and the seawater. XyRex© Ice-Active is designed to kill the bacteria as it grows from reactions inside the fish during storage. With XyRex© U500 and XyRex© Ice-Active working together the reduction in bacteria levels is as much as 99.99% – that is the same as having 100,000 times less bacteria than on untreated fish.

XyRex© Ice-Active will not taint or tarnish the treated products.



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