Fresher mackerel and herring, better prices.

XyRex© P3 Plus improves the performance of the Refrigerated Seawater Tanks of pelagic fishing vessels by dramatically reducing the counts of spoilage bacteria that degrade fish quality, resulting in the landing of better quality and higher priced mackerel and herring. It is also used with great success by many processors once the fish has been landed.

By reducing the spoilage bacteria and improving the performance of the existing fish storage and handling equipment, XyRex© P3 Plus offers a significant increase in fish quality, therefore maximising the price for the catch.

Fish contain millions of bacteria that rapidly grow on the fish in the compact storage areas onboard. XyRex© P3 Plus makes the storage system work much better by killing the spoilage bacteria present.

When XyRex© P3 Plus is added to the RSW tanks, the bacteria, which exist in seawater and throughout the RSW tank system, are killed on contact. As the fish enter the tanks, they bring large amounts of bacteria with them, which are then also killed by the XyRex© P3 Plus, keeping the fish fresher.

Once the bacteria have been removed, there is still a level of XyRex© P3 Plus left in the RSW tank. This will remain there until the bacteria increases again from reactions inside the fish when the XyRex© P3 Plus goes back to work killing this new bacteria level.

The bacteria kill will continue until there is no XyRex© P3 Plus left in the RSW tank, which has been designed to last for the course of a fishing trip. Once landed, XyRex© P3 Plus is also used in the processing process, thereby maintaining the quality. As there are no bacteria to spoil the fish, the fish looks good, smells and tastes good, and gets the best possible price.

XyRex© P3 Plus does not pollute the environment or leave any residues on the fish. This is achieved through its chemical composition and clean manufacturing process.

We believe that XyRex© P3 Plus is the most effective anti-microbial treatment available in the marketplace today, without any of the attendant problems associated with other products such as effective mixing, noxious gases or handling concerns.



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